Sale  Jabra JBRA1214 Talk Bluetooth Headset (Black)

Jabra JBRA1214 Talk Bluetooth Headset (Black)

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Brand: Jabra

Brand: Jabra

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Jabra JBRA1214 Talk Bluetooth Headset (Black)

This is yet another great product from the Jabra series of Bluetooth Headsets. The Jabra Talk is a compact device with crystal clear sound and comfortable usage qualities. Connect to two devices or let the device talk to you, enhanced experienced is a free give away.

Sound Quality 

With digital signal processing and a noise filtering mic, the Jabra Talk bluetooth device gives amazing crystal clear sound, cutting out all the background noise and promising an uninterrupted conversation, irrespective of the outdoor surrounding.

Comfort of use

The Jabra Talk comes with an on/off button on the side panel. it also is equipped with a volume control button, to adjust the levels according to one’s surroundings. And added feature is the voice control which communicates incoming calls or low battery status to the user, indicating an action to be taken, using the Bluetooth version 3 and an auto pairing feature.

Take and Make Calls

Keep the conversation flowing with Jabra Talk. This easy-to-use, Bluetooth headset lets you stay in touch with clear HD sound* quality, ensuring every conversation comes through with clarity and without disruptions. That means you can stay focused on the call and keep talking while you multitask.

Features :-

·       Answer/end button

·       On/off button

·       StatusDisplay with battery indicator and connection indicator

·       Charging socket

·       Volume up/down

·       Jabra Earhook.

Wireless Technology


Supports Bluetooth

For wireless connectivity

Bluetooth version

3.0 version

Auto Pairing

Yes, With Auto Pairing, a device pairs automatically with Bluetooth. 

Music Streaming

Yes,Device can stream music from a source, such as a Smartphone, 

Digital Signal Processing


Microphone Type

Omni Directional/noise filter

Microphone Sensitivity

Standard (STD) variation microphone sensitivity is comparable to a normal telephone receiver. .         

Remote Call Control

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a technology that digitally optimizes your voice and music

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