Sale Review Car Decor Black Car Universal Holder

Review Car Decor Black Car Universal Holder

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Brand: Review

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Universal In- Car Mobile Phone Holder. Suitable for any mobile phone, MP4, PDA or GPS system. Safe Locking Mechanism, Cushioned Expandable Holder. 360 Degree Rotating Holder. Flexible Bending Neck. Easy to use. The Universal Car Mount Holder is a multi-utility device holder which is universal – i.e. it is suitable for all cars. It consists of Padded Genuine intimation Leather On back and side grip as well as With Padded and cushioned side arm grip. The holder is compatible with Mobile Handsets /PDAs / GPSs / PSPs /iPods / MP3 Player and whole lot more devices. The device can be attached to either the windscreen using the Suction Cup or to the A/C Vent using the Clip. It is extremely compact and lightweight too. The product comes in black.

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