Sale Godrej aer Click Dispense Action Fresh Lush  Cool Surf Blue Car Perfume Gel  (10 g)

Godrej aer Click Dispense Action Fresh Lush Cool Surf Blue Car Perfume Gel (10 g)

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Brand: Godrej aer

Brand: Godrej aer

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Product Description :- 

This fragrance is inspired by the smooth sea breeze flowing over coral reefs in Mauritius. It just can’t get breezier than this. Meet the versatile Godrej aer Click gel. A designer car fragrance that's as practical as it's thoughtful. As it's good-looking as it's fragrant. As it's long lasting as it's easy to use. Whew! Allow us to pause for a breath of fresh aer Use this Godrej Aer Click - Car Freshener – Cool Surf Blue 45ml to clear the air from all the unwanted odour that is spoiling the interiors of your car and ensure you deliver a sweet and fragrant drive every single time. The easy click mechanism of this air freshener is designed so you can easily spread the sweet fragrance inside your vehicle.

From the Manufacturer


About the Brand

Hello, we are here to change the air, the way it spells and the way it smells. Introducing Godrej aer, a range of home and car fragrances. You would have noticed how we spell "aer", a tad bit differently. That's the little difference we intend to make to your life, your car and your home. No, we won't change your future, your world or your boss. All we can do is to make your car, home, and you feel nice. Now quickly add aer to your dictionary, take a deep breath and smile!

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Godrej aer Click fragrances come with a clever gel technology that makes sure your car smells good, consistently. What’s more, it does that for 60 days continuously, much longer than any other car fragrance product.

It’s easy to use Click mechanism lets you control the flow of fragrance. Click to turn on, Click to turn off

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Our fragrances are made with a clever gel technology and are spill-proof, so that you don’t have to worry about leakages on those nasty bumps. Bring on the bumpy roads!




In The Box
  • Sales Package
    • 1 Air Freshener
  • Number of Contents in Sales Package
    • Pack of 1
  • Brand
    • Godrej aer
  • Lifespan
    • Lasts up to 60 Days
  • Fragrance
    • Fresh Lush  Cool Surf Blue 
  • Quantity
    • 10 g
Additional Features
    • Long Lasting as it's Easy to Use, To Clear the Air from All the Unwanted Odour that is Spoiling the Interiors of Car and Ensure Deliver a Sweet and Fragrant Drive Every Single Time, Easy Twist Mechanism, Easily Spread the Sweet Fragrance Inside Vehicle, Twist Open Musk, After.Smoke. At Least Your Nose May be Spared, Keeps Car Consistently Fragrant for 60 Days

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