Sale Crystal Digital 3.4Amp Dual Usb Car Charger Monitor For All Mobile Device (Black & White)

Crystal Digital 3.4Amp Dual Usb Car Charger Monitor For All Mobile Device (Black & White)

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Brand: Crystal Digital

Brand: Crystal Digital

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Product Description :-

 Crystal Digital 3.4Amp Dual Usb Car Charger Monitor For All Mobile Device Tarkan Classical Black and White Dual USB Car Charger with Super fast Charging ability. You can charger your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phone and tablet with this unique gadget. It has a unique LED display for the displays the actual car voltage and display warning in case of low voltage. It also has an inbuilt low voltage alarm.

The Smartphones and the tablets do not have a good reputation in providing the promised battery life. Therefore, Capdase has come up with this innovative Dual USB Car Charger with Monitor. This USB car charger has two USB ports that help you connect two phones simultaneously. It is very easy to install as you just need to plug into the car battery port.


Features :-

The weight of this stylish white electronic model is 45gms and it has a dimension of 2.7x4.5x11cm. The unique design and the sleek edges are a treat to the eye. It has a 90 degree adjustable point so that you can keep your phone or tablet in whichever comfortable position you want. The hard plastic body makes it anti-corrosive and durable. Other features include:

It has an impressive power of 3.4Amps

The wattage of this device is 17W

This device will let you charge your phone via the car battery

LED display of the car battery charge

It also possesses an overload auto-off protection


We have to be careful as to where do we keep this device when not in use. Any dust particle that goes inside the mouth of this USB device may land the Smartphone or the tablet, it is connected to, into trouble. Clean this product with a dry cloth without using any chemical to maintain its shine and performance. Keep it in a clean place to ensure the safety of both the data cable and the device.

  • Sales Package
    • Dual USB - LED Car Charger
  • Model Name
    • 3.4A Dual USB Display
  • Fast Charge
    • Yes
  • USB Port
    • 2
  • Type
    • Phone Charger
  • USB Charging
    • Yes
  • Input Connector
    • Cigarette Lighter
  • Other Features
    • Portable, Lightweight, Classical Look

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