Sale Crystal Digital Flameless Rechargeable  Cigarette Lighter

Crystal Digital Flameless Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter

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Brand: Crystal Digital

Brand: Crystal Digital

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Crystal Digital Flameless Rechargeable Electronic Windproof Eco Friendly  Black  Cigarette Lighter  

Crystal Digital Flameless Rechargeable Electronic Windproof Eco Friendly  Black  Cigarette Lighter  has electronic filament which will light ur cigratte in seconds. The battery can be charged hundred of times. No flint, wick, or lighter fluid replacement. No need USB cable, so it is very convenient. Wind Proof & Weather Proof. No Flames! Easy to use heated coil. Hidden compartment for USB. Lighter is fully charged in only 3 hours. No gas hence no carbon, Eco-friendly, Save the Earth & Save Money !!!! Charging Through The Usb Interface, No Gas Nor Fuel Is Needed. One Button Design For Easy Operation: Slide Up For Charging And Push Up For Lighting Cigarette. Environmentally Friendly: Electrically Operated, No Fuel Is Needed, Flameless.Portable Mini Size And Elegant Appearance. It Can Light A Cigarette In Any Weather: You No Longer Have To Worry About Wind. Powered By A Rechargeable Battery. It Could Be Charged With Using Usb Cable From Laptop, Computer & Any Other Mobile Charger Having Usb Port. It Does Not Need Fill Any Fuel Into It. Does Not Create A Flame, It Is Environmentally Friendly. Uses Intense Heat To Light Cigarettes. Lights A Cigarette In Any Weather



  • Sales Package
    • 1 Pes Cigarette Lighter
  • Power Requirement
    • 210- 220 Volt
  • Powered by
    • USB
  • Charging Time
    • 60 min
  • Inbuilt Battery
    • Yes
  • W x H x D
    • 3 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm
  • Weight
    • 20 g
  • Warranty
  • Domestic Warranty
    • 2 Year



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