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Panasonic ER307WS44B Trimmer

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Brand: Panasonic

Brand: Panasonic

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Panasonic ER 307Ws Beard and Hair Trimmer is meant to groom your looks in very less time. It facilitates both corded 
and cordless operation. It wears a round and ergonomic shape that fit in your hands firmly and gives you optimum result 
while trimming your beard or trimming your hair for that matter.

Easy Adjust Dial with for Easy Adjustment
Panasonic ER 307Ws Beard and Hair Trimmer come with an Easy Adjust Dial that helps you in trimming the hair or the 
beard with your preferred settings. It offers 12 different cutting length option, where you can set the blade’s length 
anywhere between 2 mm to 18 mm in 12 simple steps. The Easy Adjust Dial helps you in give a desired shape to your hair 
or to your beard.

High Cutting Performance Blade
Panasonic ER 307Ws Beard and Hair Trimmer incorporate the stainless steel blades. These blades are super sharp. With 
these high cutting performance blades, you can give fine cut to your hair and to your beard respectively. 
The stainless steel material protects the blades against rusting and corrosion and therefore, it helps you in 
using your trimmer for long years. 

Powerful and Efficient Battery
This hair and beard trimmer by Panasonic can be used anytime and anywhere to give a quick grooming to your looks. 
Thanks to the AC/Rechargeable battery that comes along with this personal care appliance. The battery in this trimmer, 
when fully charged, gives you the running time of approximately 40 minutes. It means that you can always carry along 
your trimmer, even when you are on the go.

Washable and Detachable Blade
The best thing about the new Panasonic ER 307Ws Beard and Hair Trimmer is that its blades are detachable and washable too. 
Having used the trimmer, you can easily detach the blades and wash them under the running water. This beard and hair 
trimmer by Panasonic comes along with an AC/Rechargeable battery, which helps you in using your trimmer anytime and 
anywhere. This personal care appliance by Panasonic comes along with 2 years Panasonic India warranty.

Charge Indicator Lamp
Panasonic ER 307Ws Beard and Hair Trimmer come along with a Charge Indicator Lamp that keep you informed on the status 
of the battery in the trimmer. In other words, you can easily see whether the battery in the trimmer is fully 
charged or not charged.


Sales Package Trimmer, Adapter, Cleaning Brush and Oil
Model Number ER307WS44B
Ideal For Men
Color Black
Japanes blade technology  
Stainless Steel Blades  
Corded & Cordless Trimmer  
Product Details  
Trimming Range 2 to 18 mm
Battery And Power Features  
Power Source Battery
Charging Indicator LED
Use Time 40 min
Recharge Time 480 min
Other Details  
Number of Length Adjustments 12
Washable Blade  
Other Features  
Detachable Blade for Easy Maintenance, Quick Adjust Dial for Easy Length Setting


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