Sale Crystal Digital 2600mAh USB Power Bank -Combo of 2

Crystal Digital 2600mAh USB Power Bank -Combo of 2

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Brand: Crystal Digital

Brand: Crystal Digital

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Product Description-

The Crystal Digital 2600mAH battery keychain portable power bank features a light indicator that shows you the amount of battery life left on the device while you're on the go. When fully charged, you can use this power bank to recharge your phone or tablet about 500 times. You do not need to worry about overcharging or power leakage from this device as it has an inbuilt protection circuit. The aluminium and magnesium alloy casing protects the Crystal Digital 2600mAH power bank from damage due to accidental fall. Its power leakage protector shields your tablet or mobile phone from shock due to short circuit. Buy this Crystal Digital 2600mAH battery keychain and you will never be worried of your phone's battery running out.


·         Brand: Crystal Digital

·         Item Weight: 200g

·         Dimensions: 18.8 x 7.4 x 2.4 cm

·         Feature: In-built keychain

·         Capacity: 2600mAH

·         Input Voltage: 5V DC at 1A

·         In Package: 2 Powerbank

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