Sale Veet  Sensitive Precision For Women  (Hair Removal)

Veet Sensitive Precision For Women (Hair Removal)

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Brand: Veet

Brand: Veet

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Veet Sensitive Sensitive Precision For Women  (Hair Removal)

Certain ports of our body require special attention when it comes to grooming. Here to give women a simple and safe way to get rid of unwanted hair on delicate areas like the face, underarms, and bikini area is the Veet Sensitive Precision Touch electric trimmer.

Gentle and Precise

The trimmer’s blades don’t touch the skin. Trust it to gently remove unwanted hair without leaving cuts and bruises behind. Want to quickly touch up your eyebrows? Fix the dedicated precision accessory into the trimmer and go right ahead.


Wide Range of Accessories


This trimmer set includes a two-sided precision head trimmer, a 20mm bikini trimmer head, different sized comb attachments to uniform hair length, an AA battery, a beauty cup which keeps the device dust and dirt free, a cleaning brush, and a beauty pouch in which you can carry the trimmer around.


No Mess, no Fuss


This trimmer is designed to be used on dry skin – no shaving gel or foam needed. Also, it does not require any pre or post treatment.


Dry Use


Though the trimmer’s heads can be rinsed under water, the device’s main body is not designed to come in contact with water. This is a trimmer that’s meant for dry use, and not when you’re in the shower.


Easy Maintenance


Dust hair off the trimmer’s blades by gently sweeping them with the cleaning brush. The bikini and face heads can be rinsed under running water.




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