Sale Fox mini 1 Super Slim  Phone For Your Smart Phone Black

Fox mini 1 Super Slim Phone For Your Smart Phone Black

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Brand: Fox

Brand: Fox

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Fox mini 1 Super Slim Cleaver Phone For Your Smart Phone

Compact and Premium Design:

With a 5.4 mm thin super slim profile. The mini 1 is designed to be as portable as a Credit Card and fits in your wallet. With a minimalist design language, the plastic back shell has a leather texture for a premium finish & better grip.



Carry your spare number:

The perfect secondary phone for your spare phone number.



3-day battery life (standby):

The mini 1 is designed to consume as little power as possible. We have managed to pack in a 320 mAh battery in the miniature frame of the mini 1. So its battery lasts for a solid 3 days on standby!

Connect & Synchronise Contact and Call Logs with your Smartphone:

The mini 1 pairs and synchronises with your smartphone over Bluetooth. While the mini 1 is connected with your smartphone, you can handle calls of your smartphones directly from your mini 1. This can come in really handy for when your smartphone is charging and tethered on a shelf near a wall socket and you are at some distance.

Get calls on your smartphone number even after it turns off:

If your smartphone battery dies out. Or you simply don't want to carry your smartphone with you (because they don't fit in your gym shorts). Just turn it off. Your calls will automatically get forwarded to your second number on the mini 1. Turn on your smartphone and now you can start receiving on your smartphone again. (Career charges may apply. Follow instructions in user manual to set it up.) 


In The Box

Handset, USB Cable


Brand New

Model Number

Fox Mini 1

Model Name

Mini 1



Browse Type

Feature Phones

Supported Networks


Battery Capacity

320 mAh

Warranty Summary

1 Year Brand Warranty

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