Sale Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset (Grey-Black)

Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset (Grey-Black)

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Brand: Jabra

Brand: Jabra

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Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset (Grey-Black)

Smart Features, Smarter Style

Manage your incoming and outgoing calls with just a tap on the side of the headset. Once you’ve decided to take the call, Intelligent Volume Control automatically adapts to any interfering noise around you so you don’t miss a single word. The simple, yet powerful features reduce background noise and give an all-around great sound quality, without you having to lift a finger.

Hands free style goes a long way

Quick and simple pairing

You can instantly pair Jabra Style with NFC enabled devices. Just tap the headset to your device and you’re ready to go.

One button for every task

Ease of use has been essential in the design of Jabra Style. There’s only one button for most tasks, and the volume and background noise are taken care of without you having to lift a finger.

Make your life easier

If you happen to misplace your headset, the Find My Jabra feature in the Jabra Assist app will help you locate it again. Via the app you can geographically see where you had your Jabra Style turned on the last time.

Additional Features

·       Automatically adjusts headset audio to your environment so calls are heard clearly

·       HD voice technology provides crisp audio and a better sound experience

·       Clear, wireless streaming of your favorite multimedia GPS directions, music and internet radio

·       Instantly connect headset with NFC enabled phones or tablets, just tap the headset to device and ready to go

·       Jabra assist app geo tags headset to find last location where headset was turned on or provides location of your car

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