Sale Jabra Sport Plus Bluetooth Headphone (Black-Yellow)

Jabra Sport Plus Bluetooth Headphone (Black-Yellow)

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Brand: Jabra

Brand: Jabra

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Jabra Sport Plus Bluetooth Headphone (Black-Yellow)

The Jabra Sport plus behind the ear headset is an ideal option for people who like to enjoy their music while working out without worrying about tangled wires. Incorporating a stylish yet rugged design, this wireless Jabra Sport plus Bluetooth headset can easily withstand the exposure to dust and dirt without compromising on the audio quality. Additionally, the unique fit of this headset ensures that it remains in place even when you are involved in rigorous exercise. Moreover, this fit also prevents the disturbances present in the external environment from interrupting your listening experience.


Features Built-in FM Radio

Thanks to the compact and lightweight design of the Jabra sport plus headset, you can conveniently wear it even for longer durations. The water-resistance feature of this headset empowers you to enjoy superior quality music even when you are sweating or working out in a relatively moist environment. Moreover, the Jabra behind the ear headset comes with controls that enable you to comfortably pause and play music, answer calls and more whenever required. On days when you forget your music player or phone, you can still listen to your favourite music by simply tuning in to your favourite channel as the headset features a built-in FM.

·       Brand : Jabra

·       Includes : behind the ear earphones

·       Battery & Power Talk Time: Up to 4 hours

·       Easy to use

·       Minimal controls

·       Stylish design

·       Water resistant

·       Superior sound quality

·       Comfort fit

·       Ideal for workouts

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